Ironic Culture of Satanism in LGBT “Community” is the Height of Stupidity

What Could This Kind of Imagery Do To Gays Around The World

So, to be clear, I’m speaking about the LGBT political interest group, not gay individuals. I would also implore gay people to reconsider their affiliation to this group. I don’t want to think of gay people as my enemy, but I’m not optimistic about them taking this seriously and realizing they’re being used by some pretty nefarious dudes, and those nefarious dudes are very much my enemy.

So just.. what the fuck is this? If I were a part of something that constantly pulled shit like this, I would be constantly forced to reconsider what I was a part of.
Netflix put it up as an accident, but this symbol of evil was embraced. Of course, Rollingstone is 100% accurate in their title:


In Celine Dion’s super creepy gender neutral ad, notice when she sprinkles the death dust onto the children, there’s fucking demons floating over the cribs. Just what in the actual fuck.

They’re literally identifying with a depiction of a demon from hell, while they tell us our children are not ours, change them, dress them in NWO clothes and demons again floating around the babies.
Guys, they’re trying to tell us something.

Just another trans person saying “[I’m not a satanist, but yeah, it makes sense]”. Also, explicitly recommending it.
“To them, affiliating openly with Satanic ideas and images was affirming and empowering, a way of happily adopting the notion of being in wholesale opposition to a theology and culture that regards us as evil.”

Just, totally fine, totally normal. Obviously, you should bring your children to meet this fine, upstanding citizen.

So, why is anyone going along with the demon thing? Its appeal seems to be cloaked in irony. But consider, sometimes in your life you might suspect something of someone. You will tell them you suspect it of them. They deny it. Later, they do exactly what you were accusing them of, saying if they were going to be wrongly accused/ convicted, that they should then just go ahead and do it. This is not an argument I would consider credible, and I would believe the accuser was correct if nothing else, on a hunch.

A false accusation doesn’t give you permission to engage in the act, and you can’t really claim innocence once you’ve done it. So my biggest question then is, should there not be a huge divide within that community, with those who condemn this trend? Does such a divide exist? I know it must on an individual level, but I’m not seeing a lot of backlash from within their community. I mean, I wouldn’t want to be associated with a group of people that dressed up and associated with demons. Like, I think that’s where I’d have to say “cool guys, could we not do that? It looks really, really bad! It provides other supporters of evil with a very very difficult-to-defend reason to target us”. I mean, it’s still illegal to be gay in places around the world and they’re seeing this too. How profoundly stupid and ignorant, to send a direct message to those countries, that their gay citizens are just like these ones. You think they’ll give a fuck about irony? So basically, you have to be a complete fucking fool to support this bullshit. Disavow. Disavow. Disavow.

Author: Orry

Editor In Chief with SALT Media.

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