Women’s Liberation

What if I told you the Women’s Rights movement has been a disaster?

The Women’s Liberation Movement made great strides in Western society, promoting ideals of sexual freedom and freedom to enter the job market unfettered. Freedom is, of course, something to be cherished, but that does not mean that the results are always positive. Simply having the right to choose does not mean our choice is without consequence; so, let’s take a look at how it all turned out.

Finding “The One” remains as important as ever; however, there are major consequences to turning away from the tradition of avoiding sex before marriage, having multiple sexual partners and becoming sexually active young. It turns out all of these things directly prevent the likelihood of marriage, when it does happen, to work out.

The younger girls are when they have their first sexual encounter, the more partners they will likely have. Girls and women with more than 20 sexual partners have worse life outcomes and an 80% chance their first marriage will end in divorce. In addition, having more than 20 sexual partners yields a 40% chance that woman will have an STD.


Having more sexual partners has revealed to *cause* dependency on drugs and alcohol down the road.



Here is the study itself, revealing the number of sex partners to directly lead to drug and alcohol dependence, anxiety and depression.



It makes sense that, before you get married you should live with the person for a bit to try out how life would be with them. According to Oxford, this is a very bad idea, if you want that marriage to actually work out. Again, less traditional marriages are unlikely to succeed.

You may be tempted to think the marriage fails because “The Patriarchy” or something like that, but I should remind you that women themselves are overwhelmingly more likely than men to initiate divorce proceedings.



Surprisingly, couples that have more egalitarian views on who should be the breadwinner, and who should manage the household, have far less sex than couples with more traditional roles.



Of course, if a woman does decide she would like to pursue a career, she is less likely to be happy than if she were to be a homemaker. Feminism makes you unhappy?



Career-oriented women… tend to be less attractive.

“Accordingly, this low-male sex ratio produced the strongest desire for lucrative careers in women who are least able to secure a mate.”



Perhaps what says it all, is that women are less happy than they were in the 1960s, when the Women’s Liberation Movement began.

Oof. You would hope that a major civil rights movement would make people happier, but this is just not the case.



Of course, it’s much more difficult now for a household to survive on one income, making traditional marriages more difficult to obtain in the first place. This is also due in large part to Women’s Lib. Doubling the workforce in a very short amount of time drove wages down, as there were¬†more people to compete for the same job. As divorce rates grew, commodities and housing prices rose, due to sharp increases in demand.

Failed presidential candidate and Harvard Law School’s “first woman of color”, Elizabeth Warren wrote a whole book on it, called “The Two-Income Trap“.

Author: Orry

Editor In Chief with SALT Media.

3 thoughts on “Women’s Liberation”

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  2. Is this only women’s issue about having multiple partners & ruining a marriage? Why don’t you make men accountable for this as well?


    1. I have not yet encountered evidence that multiple sexual partners or early sexual activity affect boys/men negatively at all, let alone in the overwhelmingly damaging ways it affects girls/women. Admittedly, I was not looking for damage to males, as the selected topic was on the repercussions of Women’s Liberation. If it is true that multiple partners/early activity is a phenomenon exclusively affecting girls/women, I don’t have an answer as to why that would be. Nevertheless, the effects are indeed quite damaging to females, and such information goes against conventional wisdom, which is what this blog is all about.

      As far as ruining a marriage; it would be absurd to suggest men are not complicit in the dissolution of the institution of marriage. Pop culture seems to be pushing young men to devalue marriage and families and women and is encouraging promiscuity. While I have not encountered evidence as to the effect on fathers, the effect on children (boys and girls alike) is catastrophic.

      If you have any information regarding the negative effects of promiscuity on men, in the form of academic studies, please send them. Additionally, any information on the contribution of pop culture, regarding the male contribution to the dissolution of marriage would also be helpful.

      I hope this response satisfies your question.



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