Black Lives Matter

Does Black Lives Matter Have A Legitimate Point?

One thing I cannot stand in life is people who are disingenuous. Thanks to social and mainstream media, people are more disingenuous than ever. You can see this very clearly among those who claim to support the Black Lives Matter movement.
Friends and family repeat the mantra, while decrying the that blacks are being indiscriminately killed by the police. Too many unarmed black men are mowed down every day, not just in the United States, but all over the West. I say these people are disingenuous because if you actually cared about this issue, you would at the very least have some grip on how many unarmed black men are killed by the police. I have yet to meet a single “supporter” who actually knows this number.
Washington Post is the only organization tracking police killings.
Here’s a screenshot, after filtering for “unarmed” and “black”.
More people were killed in the riots… Not exactly an epidemic. Last year, according to the Washington Post, there were a whopping 14 killings, 5 of which involved the “victim” attempting to drive their car into the officer before being killed.
Of course, you can view the database for yourself:


Washington Post

Screenshot (34)George Floyd did not die as a result of Officer Chauvin. Let’s take a look at the autopsy:


Download the document here. Of course, if you believe your lying eyes, you’re probably racist. According to Scientific American, the autopsy is just another attempt to gaslight the public. Of course, if you’re reading this, you likely are unaffected by that word.

Black Lives Matter was created in part due to the “Hands up! Don’t Shoot” campaign. Well, did Michael Brown actually get executed by the police? No.


Here’s a list of demands from Black Lives Matter Including:

“White people, if you’re inheriting property you intend to sell upon acceptance, give it to a black or brown family. You’re bound to make that money in some other white privileged way.”

BLM is a partisan movement.

Some people have the mistaken impression that BLM is a politically neutral movement. Let’s disperse this notion right now. What happens when you click on the donation page for the movement’s website?

BLM is a communist organization, or is it a coincidence they use the exact logo of the CCCP?
BLM Commie

Is it also a coincidence that one of the founders is a self-proclaimed “Trained Marxist”


NY Post


Crime Statistics

Preamble: Men make up the overwhelming majority of those whom are unarmed and killed by the police, but there’s no serious public outcry against systemic sexism. We instinctively accept that the majority of violent crimes are committed by men, and as such, men will be disproportionately (to the population) killed by the police – even innocent or unarmed men will be over-represented. Why then should we embrace the notion of systemic racism? Of course, we would have to establish that black men do commit disproportionate amounts of crime.

Black men commit nearly half of all homicides in spite of being only 6% of the population. Hispanics make up the next 30%. That’s 80% of homicides done by two groups:

Bureau of Justice Statistics (Government Source)

Bureau of Justice

Even British, Left-wing “Channel 4” admits to these statistics:


But Orry, Blacks comprise 40% of the prison population yet are 12-13% of the overall population, this proves discrimination!

Well, no.  40% of blacks are in prison and just by coincidence, 40% of victims identify a black assailant. That sounds… perfectly proportional, actually.

So the numbers are indeed… not good for the idea that blacks are unfairly targeted by police. Which is why body camera footage is largely exonerating police from accusations of racism:


Some of our more …communist friends might be tempted to argue that the abysmal rates in violent crime and homicide are due to racism and poverty. Some of our more …fascist friends might argue it’s due to genetics.
Well, no. Rates were on par with white communities before the civil rights movement, when poverty and racism were even more rampant. Rather, the finger could more appropriately be pointed at the rise of single-motherhood:
Now then, look at the rates of single motherhood by race, and tell me you don’t notice a correlation with the breakdown of crime stats by race posted earlier:
Of course, it should be noted that single-motherhood and the dissolution of the black family was promelgated by welfare laws, which required the man not be living in the house in order to receive it, as the man was expected to provide for the family. This had obvious effects, and I do believe this was done by design. If Black Lives Matter wanted to make this point, I would agree; instead, they choose to espouse nonsense.


Now for a truly revolting point:

Abortion seems to have helped lower the rate of violent crime.
And abortion rates are particularly high among blacks.


Though it is an issue for another day, Planned Parenthood was created by eugenicist Margaret Sanger, with the express purpose of cancelling blacks, the poor and the enfeebled. You can read more about this on another article I wrote, here.

I consider it to be the height of irony and ignorance that the same people who claim to be opposed to the supposed systematic genocide of blacks at the hands of the state, also support the systematic genocide of blacks at the hands of the state. 


But Orry, what about discrimination in other areas. Blacks are disproportionately poor! Surely you can’t defend—–
Well, no. When we break down the stats by ethnicity and NOT race, a very different picture begins to take shape:
It might surprise you to learn that Nigerian Americans are earning far beyond the median household income. 43% of African immigrants hold at least a bachelor’s degree. In a systemically racist or white privileged society, how could this be possible?


Bloomberg, TheWeek, Ozy

According to this peer-reviewed study from last year, white police officers are not more likely than non-white officers to shoot minorities:
“We find no evidence of anti-Black or anti-Hispanic disparities across shootings, and White officers are not more likely to shoot minority civilians than non-White officers.”


And another famous study reveals police hesitate longer to shoot black suspects than white suspects. Obviously, all of this flies in the face of the idea that blacks are being hunted down in the streets, like the media would have us believe.
In fact, it’s hard to see there’s a problem at all.
Of course, I hear that Western Nations are irredeemably racist, and we’ve been holding minorities down.
Well, here’s another interesting study…
Here’s another study showing hesitation to shoot black suspects. At the end of the study, you can find several other studies going back as far as the seventies that all corroborate these findings.

In Closing

I do believe the crux of the issue is due to single-motherhood, delay of gratification studies notwithstanding. I will end this segment with one final thought.

Sexual promiscuity and recklessness also seems to be a direct consequence of the dissolution of the family. Those raised by single mothers are far more likely to be infected with STDs. The following are screenshots obtained from the CDC.

As you can see above, between 33-40% of all black people have genital herpes.

Molyneux’s Work:

Finally, here are a number of studies and links from I do not necessarily condemn nor condone the following information or views. This was not used in the article above.

You can see Molyneux’s video here.

Because of the obscure way in which the FBI reports the race and ethnicity of offenders, we had to make several approximations. First off, Hispanic data is separated from race data and is broken down to “Hispanic” or “not Hispanic” for the entire dataset. While it is safe to assume that most Hispanics were classified as white because of the colour of their skin, we didn’t want to make any assumptions. To figure out the percentage of Hispanic offenders and separate it from the white, black, asian etc. race categories, we used Census data on how Hispanics identify themselves racially. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of them identify as white, and very few consider themselves black. Given the very low percentage of black Hispanics, we counted “Some Other Race” as white. Another problem with the FBI dataset was the vast number of “Unknown” reported offenders. Because we couldn’t make any reasonable assumptions about the race of the unknown offenders, we used the arrest tables as a proxy for the distribution of crime by race.

Crime by Race

2014 City Crime Data:

City data from the U.S. Census Bureau:

City Crime data from the FBI:

Historical Crime


Poverty and Welfare

Single Mothers and Divorce



Spanking Prevalence

Author: Orry

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