Everything Is Racist

I get the sense that we won’t be solving the “racism” issue any time soon.

Things that are racist:

Self-Driving Cars

Using GIFs of blacks – That’s DIGITAL Blackface! You Bigots!



Bulletproof Glass— You don’t want to get shot? That’s what I thought you’d say, you bigot.

Gun Owners… but only the white ones

Car Insurance

Wearing Hoop Earrings — but only if you’re white!
Literally calling for “White Genocide” — Oops that one’s okay, apparently.
Jingle Bells
Canada’s First Prime Minister
There Goes The Neighborhood
Whites moving into the neighborhood
White people leaving the neighborhood
Whites returning to the neighborhood
Getting a tan! – – – That’s practically blackface!
This totem-pole—built by children to apologize to the Indians in their community for things they themselves did not do. …This symbol of their bigotry HAD to go.
The word “Chief”, a French word from 1200 (before the founding of the New World) – these are educators!!!
Not wanting drugs near schools.
Fitness is Racist


Cricket is racist too! (I’m literally just typing any sport I can think of into google, so let’s just assume all sports except basketball are racist and move on).
Architecture is racist
The art industry
“His multimillion-dollar, oversized toy figurines known as Companions are in many ways emblematic of the contemporary art world’s excess of wealth and inflation of importance, all of which is of course based on an extensive lineage of white privilege and patronage.”
Religion & Politics
Religious people
Food & Drink
The Ice Cream Truck jingle – Let me guess, you want vanilla?
Fighting Obesity
White people making mexican food
Not wanting MSG in your food
The O.K. hand sign
Yelling “I hate white people” and then knocking out the first one you see!
Oh wait that one is okay.
Accurately describing criminal suspects
Catching corrupt politicians
Babies… yup… babies…
All white people
“White people need to accept that they’re racist. All White people.”

Author: Orry

Editor In Chief with SALT Media.

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