WHO declaring no longer a mental illness

Suicide rates compared to Holocaust survivors?

Demonic Imagery

The vast majority of transgender children simply grow out of it. This is based on a significant body of research.


Muchausen’s Syndrome By Proxy

Media and Social Media has a stark effect on gender identity

Story Hour

Push in Media and Popular Culture
Old Navy 1, Old Navy 2, Desmond (GMA) Desmond 2, Desmond 3, Desmond 4

Dr. Money

Erik Erikson (Childhood and Society)

Canadian Law:
Bill C-16 & Bill-89

Ontario Curriculum:

The person behind the sex ed curriculum is a convicted pedophile. That’s right – the “let’s teach seven year olds about sexual anatomy” guy is a convicted pedophile – because, of course he is. Some people were outraged that he only got three years and is already out on parole.

Ben Levin (Left) seated next to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Then Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne:

The liberals tried to deny his involvement, saying he was just an obscure, fringe figure who had nothing to do with the legislation, but through leaked emails that was discovered to be a lie.

Here are Ben Levin’s Emails:

In those emails, he implicitly instructed the curriculum should not have a focus on safety (again, because of course). I find it funny that people are looking to this curriculum to protect children from the very sorts of predators that came up with the curriculum in the first place.

Author: Orry

Editor In Chief with SALT Media.

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