Male Privilege? Not So Much

Here we present a plethora of links, each from reliable sources, to absolutely dismantle the notion of “Male Privilege”.

The following are references gathered initially from Freedomainradio, which we are not affiliated with, and then expanded with time. It is a list in progress, using academic and reputable media outlets to expose the absurdity of a claim of male privilege. The goal is to backup Molyneuax’s work, which links already began disappearing when I started collecting, prompting this project and continuation of his work.

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What comes to your mind hearing about women’s issues? The workplace, right? It’s just about all I hear about now, aside from toxic masculinity. This is the crux of their claim to males having all the advantages in life; of course, there’s more to life than work. Let’s take a look (In case you are unfamiliar with the “interwebs”, each blue sentence is a downloadable file. Please download all links and start a library of your own):


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Males thought as perpetrators at school:

A male preschool teacher reflects on the stigma keeping men out of pre-K classrooms:

In interviews I conducted with male teachers of young children as part of my graduate studies, every man I talked with brought up the stigma of being a potential danger to children. Teachers told me that you have to “watch yourself” at all times in a way female teachers don’t because an innocent gesture, such as a hug, could be perceived by others as suspicious. One veteran kindergarten teacher in D.C. put it more bluntly, saying, “Some people assume if you’re a man teaching young kids that you’re somehow a pedophile or weirdo pervert or something.”

Female educators as actual perpetrators, male students as abuse recipients as young as 6 months old!:

Two Cultures of Child Care:

This study examined differences in the quality of child care experienced by toddler boys and girls. Boys were more likely to be in lower-quality child care than girls, assessed with both setting-level measures and observations of caregiver child interaction. A possible explanatory mechanism for the gender differences is suggested by evidence that the child care providers rated boys’ behavior as more problematic and the provider-child relationship as less close as compared to girls. These perceived differences were not reflected in independent observations of the toddler’s behavior or temperament. It was also the case that center-based classrooms with higher percentages of boys were rated lower in
setting-level quality. Discussion focuses on the implications of these findings for child caregiver training and for parents seeking child care, as well as on the importance of examining gender as a salient child characteristic in child care research

Boys most likely to be placed into the aforementioned, harmful child-care:

Study Shows Gendered Effects of Universal Child Care – The Atlantic:

“The introduction of universal child care led to substantial changes in the manner in which parents invested in sons and daughters,” the researcher wrote. To start, boys were more likely to be placed in center-based care, while girls were more likely to be placed in home-based care. Girls with access to universal child care also experienced fewer positive interactions with their own parents. Notably, the parents of girls were two times less likely to spend time reading to, laughing with, or doing special activities like going to the library with their child.

Exploring the effects of female first policies on boys:

The Reverse Gender Gap _ Lehigh Education:

The data is indisputable: Boys now lag behind girls in several significant areas of education. But the roots of the new gender gap are more complex and nuanced than has been reported. And so are the solutions.

Further damage to boys:

We must stop indoctrinating boys in feminist ideology – Telegraph:

On Wednesday, the Daily Mail reported that a school in Oxford has become the first to introduce “Good Lad” workshops, in which boys are singled out for sessions that teach them about “the scale of sexual harassment and violence aimed at female students” and how they must stand up for women’s rights.

Damage to girls:

‘Victimhood narrative’ taught in schools fuels anxiety in young women, academic claims:

“But it is increasingly out of touch with reality. Girls are doing so much better at school than boys, and yet we are having people like The Everyday Sexism Project( are coming into schools sends out a message of: ‘just you wait, there are real difficulties ahead’.”

US graduate school enrollment and degrees for 2012:

Women earned majority of doctoral degrees in 2012 for 4th straight year, and outnumber men in grad school 141 to 100 – AEI:

By field of study, women earning doctoral degrees in 2012 outnumbered men in 7 of the 11 graduate fields


Violence, Sentencing Disparity and Rape

Women are equally as abusive as men:

35 pages of citations showing women are just as violent with their spouse as men:

This bibliography examines 286 scholarly investigations: 221 empirical studies and 65 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners. The aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 371,600.

Male Domestic Violence Victims Survey 2001 – MAIN FINDINGS Dewar Research:

Despite the ever increasing evidence of male victimisation in intimate relationships as shown now by well over one hundred gender-neutral population studies, little information exists in the public domain about the particular plight of male victims. This is in contrast to that of female victims, for which there is a considerable amount of information. This Dewar Research Survey was designed to redress in some small way that imbalance.

Examination of Male recipients of intimate partner assault:

Male victims of intimate partner violence have become an issue of concern within United States of America. Research has found that approximately 3.8 women and 1.3 men per 1,000 are victims of intimate partner violence each year. Even though collaborative professions to criminal justice such as nursing, social work, counseling, and psychology have began to discuss male victims of intimate partner violence; scholars within criminal justice have conducted limited empirical research, which has revealed the need for further studies by criminologists. This article examines the review of literature concerning the male victims of domestic violence by their female intimate partners.

A Closer Look at Men Who Sustain Intimate Terrorism by Women:

Over 30 years of research has established that both men and women are capable of sustaining intimate partner violence (IPV) by their opposite-sex partners, yet little research has examined men’s experiences in such relationships. Some experts in the field have forwarded assumptions about men who sustain IPV–for example, that the abuse they experience is trivial or humorous and of no consequence and that, if their abuse was severe enough, they have the financial and psychological resources to easily leave the relationship–but these assumptions have little data to support them. The present study is an in-depth, descriptive examination of 302 men who sustained severe IPV from their women partners within the previous year and sought help. We present information on their demographics, overall mental health, and the types and frequency of various forms of physical and psychological IPV they sustained. We also provide both quantitative and qualitative information about their last physical argument and their reasons for staying in the relationship. It is concluded that, contrary to many assumptions about these men, the IPV they sustain is quite severe and both mentally and physically damaging; their most frequent response to their partner’s IPV is to get away from her; and they are often blocked in their efforts to leave, sometimes physically, but more often because of strong psychological and emotional ties to their partners and especially their children. These results are discussed in terms of their implications for policy and practice

Male domestic violence deaths become focus in Cornwall – BBC News:

Male domestic violence victims are being urged to come forward and report their
suffering in spite of the “stigma” surrounding their plight.

19 Men Share Stories of Being Raped By A Woman (NSFW) _ Thought Catalog:

I’m a man. I was raped as a child. She was my cousin. About 15 or so, while I was four. I don’t remember a lot, either because I was so small or because I mentally blocked it, but I remember that she performed oral sex on me. Made me do the same to her. Stuck various things up my butt. My mom called the police when I told her a few weeks later. They didn’t even investigate. They said since it was a girl doing it to a guy, it was just “experimentation.” Said it was okay.

Researcher_ What Happens When Abused Men Call Domestic Violence Hotlines and Shelters:

About a third of all domestic violence injuries are suffered by men. Hines’ study included 302 heterosexual men, ages 18 to 59, who had been in a relationship lasting at least one month within the previous year, had been physically assaulted by their female partners within the previous year, and had sought outside assistance/support.

Department for Child Protection – Western Australia – Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline

Department for Child Protection – Western Australia – Men’s Domestic Violence Helpline



Equinox bans man after his sex harassment complaint

That’s taken a sharp turn, though, as Heilbut has just filed a lawsuit against the luxury gym brand, alleging sexual assault by a yoga teacher, as well as the
stinging kicker of retaliation: being banned from Equinox for life.

Prosecution of women arrested for intimate partner abuse:

Increasing arrests of women for domestic violence (DV) in the wake of mandatory arrest laws have generated significant concern among victim advocates, researchers, and practitioners. It is commonly believed that many, if not most, of the women arrested are victims who were acting in self-defense.
Understanding how these cases are handled by prosecutors and judges is important if we wish to minimize the negative consequences of these errant arrests. The present study examines factors prosecutors in a large southern city considered when accepting or rejecting DV cases involving female defendants. The results indicate that almost one half (47%) of the cases involving women arrested for DV against a heterosexual intimate partner were rejected by prosecutors; another 16% were dismissed by a judge. Legal factors like a defendant’s prior criminal arrests, use of a weapon, victim injury, and, most important, the type of arrest (i.e., dual vs. single arrest) all affected prosecutors’ decisions to take these cases. Female defendants arrested for offending against a male intimate partner were treated more leniently than male defendants and women arrested for domestic offenses involving other types of relationships (i.e., familial, homosexual). The results highlight the need for a further study of officers’ arrest decisions in cases involving heterosexual intimate partners.

Why Would Anyone Oppose the Violence Against Women Act_ – The Atlantic:

“Having the courage to question various sections of this bill doesn’t make you pro-abuse or antiwomen. No bill should receive unconditional support because its intentions are noble or its title sounds beneficial.”

Abuse on the way down, reports on the way up

The Sex Offender Registry Leaves Female Sex Offenders Open to Abuse – VICE

Legally obscene_ Rape, statutory rape, and child support

Two separate cases indicate that even when sperm is stolen or a man
is forcibly raped, the man remains liable for child support.

I abused a man in public and no one cared – BBC Three

It was really encouraging to see that if you were in a dangerous situation, someone would help you. At least, they would if you were a woman.

How dare a man feel a victim of sexism:

‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Forced To Apologize For Saying Men Can Be Victims Of Sexism _ Daily Wire

Harrington, who plays Jon Snow, told a newspaper back in May that he often feels objectified by women who watch the show just to see snaps of Harrington’s…er…assets…and that while he understands he was hired largely for his rugged good looks and perfect six-pack abs, but that’s
just” a head of hair and a set of looks.”

FBI — Expanded Homicide Data


This paper assesses gender disparities in federal criminal cases. It finds large
gender gaps favoring women throughout the sentence length distribution (averaging over 60%), conditional on arrest offense, criminal history, and other pre-charge observables. Female arrestees are also significantly likelier to avoid charges and convictions entirely, and twice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted. Prior studies have reported much smaller sentence gaps because they have ignored the role of charging, plea-bargaining, and sentencing fact-finding in producing sentences. Most studies control for endogenous severity measures that result from these earlier discretionary processes and use samples that have been winnowed by them. I avoid these problems by using a linked dataset tracing cases from arrest through entencing. Using decomposition methods, I show that most sentence disparity arises from decisions at the earlier stages, and use the rich data to investigate causal theories for these gender gaps.

Family Law

Divorced fathers to get more contact with their children in custody law shakeup _ Law _ The Guardian

Currently, family courts decide to leave children with their mothers in the vast majority of divorce cases, meaning that one in three children – around 3.8 million – is living with their father absent from their lives. Just 8% of single parents in Britain are fathers living with their children, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Custodial Mothers and Fathers and Their Child Support_ 2011

About 18.3 percent of custodial parents were fathers.

Monthly Vital Statistics Report; Vol. 39, No

1.6M men pay for children that are not their own

Alimony Reform Is Being Driven by Women _ Money

Court knew man jailed for a year for non-support was not child’s father

Childless man released from child support debt – CNN

Custodial Mothers and Fathers and Their Child Support_ 2011

Shocking Data on Incarceration of Fathers

The Disparity Between Men and Women in Custody Disputes_ Is Joint Custody the Answer to Everyone’s Problems_

The New Art of Alimony – WSJ

The pendulum may be starting to swing the other way

What Divorcing Women Need To Know About Alimony ‘Reform’

Why Most Divorce Filers Are Women:

Our results are consistent with our hypothesis that filing behavior is
driven by self-interest at the time of divorce. Individuals file for divorce
when there are marital assets that may be appropriated through divorce, as in the case of leaving when they have received the benefit of educational investments such as advanced degrees. However, individuals may also file when they are being exploited within the marriage, as when the other party commits a major violation of the marriage contract, such as cruelty.
Interestingly, though, cruelty amounts to only 6% of all divorce filings in Virginia. We have found that who gets the children is by far the most important component in deciding who files for divorce, particularly when there is little quarrel about property, as when the separation is long. 


Huffington Post—Board of Directors

Blind recruitment trial to boost gender equality making things worse, study reveals – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation):

“We found the opposite, that de-identifying candidates reduced the likelihood of women being selected for the shortlist.”

The Gender Wage Gap 2009 (Updated September 2010) – Institute for Women’s Policy Research:

…the recession has forced 4.5 million men and 1.3 million women into part-time or part-year employment, dragging down the median annual earnings of all men by 4.1 percent since 2007, and dropping women’s annual earnings by 2.8 percent over the same time period.

Table showing fatal injuries in workplace

Overtime _ United States Department of Labor

National hiring experiments reveal 2_1 faculty preference for women on STEM tenure track

Feminist group admits ‘pay gap’ is caused by women’s choices

Finally, An App That Splits The Bill So That White Men Pay More

Household data, 2012 annual averages

Highlights of Women’s Earnings in 2009

Gender Gap – Education Next _ Education Next


Social Differences

Women worse behind wheel, pay less insurance.

Women Drivers Are Worse Than Men, According to Study _ L.A

Does this get factored into the “wage gap”?

Woman gets 20 boyfriends to buy her iPhones, then sells them to buy a house _ New York Post

Men are expendable.

Vaginas should smell_ Women urged to dump men who complain _ Daily Mail Online

Suicide rates disparity.

Understanding Suicide (2015 Fact Sheet)

Suicide Facts at a Glance 2015

‘You’re Leading Me On!’ Women Reveal Innocent Behaviors That Men Misinterpret

The effect of brainwashing:

The men taking classes to unlearn toxic masculinity _ Culture:

Penn State Teaching Assistant will only call on white men “If I have to” – Defends actions as common practice

A Teaching Assistant at Penn State is reluctant to call upon white people, particularly men.



Stephanie McKellop, a doctoral student and teaching assistant at Penn State University, has come under fire for revealing her use of something called “progressive stacking”.

'I will always call on my Black women students first. Other POC get second tier priority. [White Women] come next. And, if I have to, white men,' they said in the tweets on MondayIf you haven’t heard of “progressive stacking”, you’re not alone. It’s another social Marxist strategy to combat invisible “oppression”.

An article from Dailymail explains;

“In subsequent post, McKellop explains that the tactic – called progressive stacking – was one learned from a professor in undergrad. 

‘In normal life, who has the easiest time speaking, most opportunities? Flip it,’ they added. 

‘The classroom is the place YOU get to control social setting.’

McKellop would continue to tweet about the reaction they were receiving for teaching the method and added: ‘Penn thinks I’m racist and discriminatory towards my students for using a very well worn pedagogical tactic which includes calling on [people of color].'”

It’s bad enough Social Marxism is driving up the cost of tuition; but studies show diversity training, which is mandatory in higher education, is ineffective and actually causes racial bias. What is perhaps most alarming is McKellop’s defense of her actions as widely accepted and practiced.

In spite of having been debunked, mandatory diversity training persists; this “training” imparts cultural Marxist philosophies to employees who must accept their political re-education as a term of employment.

“Progressive Stacking” is simply affirmative action applied to social interaction. Affirmative action, of course, has been shown to be discriminatory to Asians, but this unjustifiable discrimination is largely ignored. Likewise, progressive stacking is meant to focus on “marginalized social identity groups”, as privileged groups tend to dominate the classroom. Could these groups be dominating the conversation, because they actually earned their seat and didn’t rely on identity quotas to artificially gain them entrance to a room they aren’t qualified to be in? One has to wonder.

We couldn’t help notice that McKellop is white, and self-identifies as gender non-binary. Gender non-binaries insist that gender is a social construct, and it is oppressively cis-normative to assume someone’s gender. Perhaps she could explain how she knows the gender of her students, without first asking them?

Image result for MckEllop
Stephanie McKellop

It’s also important to note that race cannot always be easily identified, so how does she determine their nationality? It’s a microaggression to ask, according to Cultural Marxists. Of course, these same people tell us race is also a social construct; so how is McKellop navigating all this to determine the gender and race of her students? Perhaps ideological consistency isn’t her strong suit.

Of course, as a very liberal woman, she’s vastly more likely to be mentally ill than the general population; this may help explain the logical contradictions. The thing is, she doesn’t seem to see the need to exclude herself, in spite of being white. Here she is, not a black woman, taking up a position that a black woman could do.

Just like all her colleagues, she is virtue signaling and pushing cultural marxism simply as an attempt to reduce the guilt she feels for not vacating a position to a lower status victim.

Her dirty secret: it’s not about giving priority to blacks, it’s about her trying to show others how #woke she is, while assuaging her guilt for not vacating her position, an act which contradicts her ideology. She doesn’t vacate her position because she still wishes to achieve in this world.