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Our Vision

Our vision is to become a multi-platform new media outlet, just like the thousands before us. What makes us different, is readers have a great deal of control over the company’s news cycle. Stories can be suggested, added to or challenged outright. The best supplementary and contradictory arguments will be featured. Contributors that get debunked will receive a dunce cap over their profile pictures for a limited time.

All articles’ contentions will be cited in the form of hyperlinks to credible sources.

Say what you really think

The cornerstone of a free society is civil discourse. We hope you’ll engage with us on whatever the topic at hand may be. Did you write something you think you’d like others to know? Submit it to us with your name, and if it’s not completely insane, we’ll put it up.

Nothing is off limits but calls for violence. Violence is never an acceptable answer; it only makes the target appear sympathetic and negates your position. It’s for the weak.

Don’t Like what we have to say?

You’re not alone. Tell us about it. We may feature your comments or we may contact you for a debate.

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